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Consulting & Resources

Kristi Shehan has a comprehensive background in the Healthcare/Senior Care industry for the past 15 years. She holds her degree in Business, Accounting, and Health Sciences with an emphasis on Nursing. Kristi is passionate about helping seniors, their families and other Assisted Living owners and spends much of her extra time volunteering for organizations that advocate for seniors, including Section on Aging, the local¬†Health Action Chapter, and the local Senior Center. Kristi is known as the “go-to” for senior resources.

Consulting Services:

  • Assisting in the set-up of new RCFE to comply with DSS Title 22
  • Pre Inspection walk through
  • Auditing of Resident and Employee Charts for compliance
  • Mediation with DSS due to non compliance
  • Mediation between RCFE and Family on complaints
  • Prepare documents for DSS Plan of Correction
  • Assisting with Marketing Your Business